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Teacher Training

Teacher Training Courses

The Teacher’s Training Courses in the Harbison Method are held on a range of dates and time-scales at the Irish Harp Centre, Castleconnell, Co.Limerick.  These courses may also be arranged in other locations.  Please let us know where you are located in the world and let us offer suggestions.  

3 Steps to your Teacher Training

  1. Attend a Teacher’s Induction Course (2 days) for an overview of the approach and method to oral teaching
  2. Study your copies of the Student Training Manuals (the tutor books) Levels 1 -  4, Junior Beginner's and Adult Learner's
  3. Sign up for your first course which may be the Junior’s, Adult’s or Level 1 curriculum.  (Levels 2 - 4 must be taken sequentially and Advanced by arrangement)

TEACHER’S INDUCTION (2 days)      

An introduction course with no preparation required although teachers may request copies of the training manuals for perusal in advance of the courses.  Usually held over a weekend (see our calendar for upcoming dates) with a number of annual courses in the month of June.  While not obligatory to attend Junior Beginners or Adult Learners courses, this course is required to precede Level 1. 


On application, if you don’t already have it, we will send you the tutor book to prepare the music of the coursework.  Basic music literacy is required (but the teachers are not obliged to color in the pictures!)


Teachers are invited to familiarise themselves with the contents of the coursework in advance of this course which focuses on the delivery of the method to your adult students.  We will take it from there.

LEVEL 1  (3 days)

For Level 1 and all the following levels, teachers are required to have a good familiarity with all the music content (moderate literacy is commended) as the course focuses on the delivery method.

LEVEL 2  (4 days)

LEVEL 3 (5 days)

LEVEL 4  (5 days)

Courses in the ADVANCED LEVELS are arranged as requested

Please write to us at for further details, dates and an application form.

For info on Junior Beginners' and Adult Learners' course, please let us know that you are interested to participate and we will arrange it (subject to a minimum number of participants).